How a midnight kiss led to woman's incurable skin condition

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A woman has told of how a New Year’s Eve kiss led to her living with an incurable skin condition.

Aimee Godden, 35, from Ashford, southeast of London, was diagnosed with guttate ­psoriasis as a teen.

Psoriasis is a condition which leads to a person’s skin becoming dry and flakey. It can be uncomfortable, irritating and even painful for people who have it.

According to Psoriasis Australia, 1.6 million Australians have been diagnosed with it.

Ms Godden told The Sun her condition was triggered by a New Year’s Eve kiss and she first developed mild psoriasis around the age of 14.

Aimee Godden, 35, is pictured.
Aimee Godden said she was diagnosed with psoriasis after kissing someone with tonsillitis. Source: Instagram/ Aimee Godden

"Incredibly, it was triggered by a New Year’s Eve kiss with someone who, unknown to me, had tonsillitis,” she told the publication.

According the the National Health Service UK, psoriasis symptoms can be triggered by throat infections.

“In some people, usually children and young adults, a form of psoriasis called guttate psoriases develops after a streptococcal throat infection,” its website says.

Ms Godden thought nothing of it for a few years but in 2018 the condition worsened and parts of her chest, forehead and arms began to flake.

Embarrassed and finding the condition unbearable, Ms Godden moved back in with her mum.

She said makeup can exacerbate it and clothes can cause friction. Sometimes she can’t wear a bra and at times the condition makes her hair fall out so she has to wear wigs.

In June 2018, she finally found the courage to step out again – which she said was “intimidating” given her skin condition.

Aimee Godden, 34, pictured with her partner Ryan McQueen, 35.
Ms Godden and her partner Ryan McQueen, 35, are expecting a child together. Source: Instagram/ Ryan McQueen

Ms Godden said she noticed men laughing at her.

"When one of them asked to buy me a drink I was shocked, and asked him if he could see my skin,” she told The Sun.

"He said, ‘yes’, and that I was beautiful. We’ve been together ever since and we’re expecting our baby in October.”

She wrote on Instagram in June she and her partner Ryan McQueen, 35, are expecting a girl.

“I’ve gained so much weight during pregnancy, but who cares,” she wrote.

“I just feel so lucky to be starting a family. On the plus side my psoriasis has nearly all cleared up.”

Ms Godden said her condition still leads to breakouts but she’s managed to somewhat control them through diet.

She added she spent years worried about not being able to find love due to psoriasis.

But she feels “so much love” in her life now.

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