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The House Administration Committee approved the use of ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, for some staffers, the panel revealed in a new report.

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The committee approved the use of ChatGPT Plus, a paid subscription plan for the chatbot, for a “cross-section” of committee staff and held an initial training on the tool, according to the report on AI strategy and implementation in the House.


“Information from this early use will help form committee-level best practices which can be shared internally,” the report noted.


The report is part of an effort by the House Administration Committee to “provide a transparent update to the public on the use of AI technology by House offices and legislative branch agencies,” it said.


ChatGPT, which was first launched by OpenAI in late 2022, quickly took off, sparking a race among major technology companies to develop and release their own publicly available AI models.


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