Hostage seen in new video released by Palestinian Islamic Jihad

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - The Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant group released on Tuesday a video‮ ‬that appeared to show Israeli hostage Alexander Trufanov, 28, who was kidnapped by militants on Oct. 7.

Similar videos have been released by militant groups in Gaza. Israel has dismissed them as psychological warfare.

In a video released by the family, Trufanov's mother said it made her happy to see her son, but "it was heartbreaking" that he had been a hostage for so long.

Efforts to achieve the release of more than 120 hostages abducted during Hamas' Oct. 7 assault on southern Israel within the framework of a ceasefire deal have so far fallen short.

Both sides have blamed the other for the deadlock. Israel has said it cannot accept Hamas' demand to end the war, while the Palestinians want Palestinian prisoners to be released by Israel.

"The proof of life from Alexsander (Sasha) Trufanov is additional evidence that the Israeli government must give a significant mandate to the negotiating team," said a statement from the Hostages Families Forum, which represents the families of the hostages.

(Reporting by Emily Rose; Editing by Leslie Adler)