Horror photo reveals renter's major 'infestation' in exclusive Aussie suburb

Things keep going from bad to worse for one Sydney renter.

A horrifying photo has highlighted the disturbing conditions one Aussie renter is facing as reports of substandard rentals becoming increasingly common across the country.

The Sydney teacher rents a room in Paddington, one of Sydney's most affluent suburbs, yet the condition of the property is far from luxurious, the 27-year-old resident claims. One of the most disturbing problems is a cockroach infestation, highlighted by a disturbing image of scores of bugs stuck to an insect trap. Even more skin-crawling is the fact they often end up in his bed.

"The cockroaches... are everywhere, and they fall on my face while I sleep,” he told 7 News.

The resident also says the property is dilapidated, with power outages and roof leaks, and has a rodent infestation. He says the issues have left him feeling completely hopeless and "no longer sure what to do".

Dozens of cockroaches stuck to a white pad.
A disturbing collection of cockroaches removed from the property. Source: 7News/ TikTok

Property affected by range of issues

The man claims as a result of the lack of power, he's had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of groceries, has been unable to work from home, and when he raised the myriad of issues with his agents, received radio silence in return.

He claimed he called his agent "every day for a week" but was told in response to simply send an email with all information and images. Unable to use his fridge, the tenant claims the agents said there was nothing they could do about his wasted food.

Paddington is one of Sydney's most affluent suburbs. Source: Getty, file.
Paddington is one of Sydney's most affluent suburbs. Source: Getty, file.

“I told them I need electricity to charge my iPad and my phone and everything I need for work, and they have done nothing,” he said. “I tried to tell them ‘imagine if you had to live here for a week’.

“It’s 2023, I can’t accept this.”

Eventually, the man's rent was lowered by $50 per week, but it remains unknown whether any action was taken by either the landlord or real estate agents in relation to the issues with the property.

According to Fair Trading NSW, tenants like Anthony have “the right to a premises that is clean and secure and in reasonable repair” and people can apply "to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a resolution" if sufficient action is not taken.

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