Horror moment WWE star's knee 'explodes' during stunt

Sam Goodwin
Sports Editor

The WWE is widely regarded as ‘fake’, but this was very, very real.

Young Welsh wrestler Tegan Nox has revealed her knee ‘exploded’ during a match recently.

Nox was competing in the Mae Young Classic quarter-final against Rhea Ripley when things went horribly wrong.

Already competing with a bad right knee, Nox injured her left knee when she launched herself out of the ring towards Ripley in a daring move.

Nox launched herself out of the ring. Image: WWE

The young star was clearly in a world of pain, but attempted to continue the match until the referees and medics were forced to call it off.

Nox was clearly injured. Image: WWE

Nox was in tears in the ring as she clutched her injured knee, and now she’s revealed just how bad the injury is.

She took to Twitter to reveal she’d dislocated her knee, fractured her left tibia, suffered bone contusions and torn her anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament and both meniscuses.

“Basically my knee exploded,” she said, posting a post-surgery pic of her knee.

I suffered an injury to my left leg very early on and as soon as it happened, I knew it was serious,” she said.

“I tried to carry on as far as I could but a few minutes later after trying to push through the pain and finish the match, it all got too much and the match was stopped.

“Being greeted backstage by the distraught faces of my friends and coaches was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever experienced and it hurt more than the injury itself.”

It’s the second time a ‘fake’ move has gone wrong recently

Fans were left shocked and angry recently after a seemingly ‘staged’ move resulted in another very real injury.

On WWE Raw two weeks, the Bella twins teamed up with Natalya to take on The Riott Squad in a six-person tag-team match.

Brie Bella was in the ring against Morgan when she attempted her signature “Yes kicks” – a series of kicks to her opponent’s chest that are supposed to look like they’re hitting her in the face.

Bella kicked Morgan straight in the face. Image: WWE

Unfortunately for both wrestlers, one of the kicks actually did catch Morgan straight in the face, immediately knocking her out cold.

All six women were left stunned by the mishap as Morgan lay unconscious in the middle of the ring.

Bella improvised and attempted a quick pin, before dragging Morgan over to her team’s corner so she could ‘tag’ in a teammate.

Morgan suffered a nasty concussion, leading to hordes of fans slamming Bella.