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Horrifying moment Mercedes drug driver slams into dad and son, 6

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: Distressing video has been shared of a drug driver hitting a man and his six-year-old son while they were cycling.

James Herring had a Go Pro camera on his bike as he took his son Noah out for a ride at Preston Park, in Stockton, England, on the morning of February 28.

In the video, Mr Herring tells Noah, who is wearing a high-vis vest, to watch for cars as they hit the road. None can be seen as they start their ride together.

Mr Herring points out a hare to his son. He advises the boy to stay on his left and tells him "when a car comes I’ll go right behind you".

The pair eventually enter a more suburban area. No cars are seen but there are now cycling lanes.

A Mercedes is seen speeding on a road in CCTV footage.
Harry Summersgill, in a white Mercedes, speeds towards the father and son. Source: Cleveland Police

“You go first,” Mr Herring tells his son.

The man and his son inch closer to the park but a speeding Mercedes is seen on CCTV coming into their path.

Mr Herring is next seen screaming his son’s name after he’s been hit by the car.

“Noah! Sit down! Don’t move!” the dad screams as he clutches his phone.

“Don’t move, Noah!”

Noah’s bike is seen on the ground surrounded by shattered glass. The boy is heard crying in pain as his dad screams out for help.

“He’s in a really bad way!” Mr Herring cries on the phone.

“A car has crashed into us. Stay with me, Noah. Please, Noah. Stay still.”

Noah continues to cry in agony and his dad tries to calm him by telling him he’s OK.

“Stay still. Stay still,” Mr Herring says.

A bike is seen on the ground with shattered glass around it after the rider was hit my a car.
Noah's bike on the ground as his dad calls for help. Source: Cleveland Police

Driver on cocaine, ketamine, cannabis jailed

Noah suffered a bleed on the brain and fractures to his leg and collarbone.

Later the same day, police arrested Harry Summersgill, 24, on suspicion of drug driving. He was later found to have cocaine, ketamine and cannabis in his system.

Police said Summersgill mounted the pavement when he hit Noah after crossing two lanes of traffic. He was also driving more than 90km/h in a 50 zone.

Summersgill was jailed for three years after appearing in court in May. He has also been banned from driving for six-and-a-half years.

Harry Summersgill, 24, is pictured in a police wagon.
Summersgill has been jailed for three years after drugs including ketamine were found in his system. Source: Cleveland Police

Noah's family 'know lucky they were'

Inspector Dave Williams, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said in a statement that Summersgill knowingly drove after consuming a cocktail of drugs.

“Noah’s family know how lucky they were that day; the outcome could have been much worse and we’re all thankful that it wasn’t,” Insp Williams said.

“To anyone who may get into their car with the intention of driving whilst under the influence; I would urge you to watch this footage and see the horrendous circumstances for yourself.

“No driver should ever take risks like these. It is unacceptable and we won’t tolerate anyone who takes drugs or drinks alcohol and gets behind the wheel of their vehicle.

“Our message is simple. Don’t do it.”

Noah Herring sits on a police bike.
Noah seen months after the crash. Source: Cleveland Police

Noah’s dad shared the footage as part of a campaign to discourage people from driving under the influence.

Police said “thankfully” Noah is recovering well from his injuries.

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