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Horrific footage shows woman dragging dog behind scooter in Bali

Nang Bryan was on his way to pick up his kids from a Denpasar school when he saw the confronting incident.

Horrific footage of a woman dragging a small dog behind her scooter as she travels down a Bali street has sparked outrage online.

The footage was uploaded to Instagram earlier this month by Nang Bryan, 42, who told local media he was picking up his kids from a school in Denpasar when he saw the confronting incident.

In the video’s caption, Mr Bryan said the woman pulled her dog until its legs were bleeding. In the clip, the small fluffy dog’s leash appears to be tied to the handle of the scooter. The pet can be seen struggling to keep up the pace of its owner, with its paws dragged along the road on several occasions.

The dog being dragged behind a scooter in Bali.
The woman was filmed dragging her dog behind her scooter while travelling down a Bali street. Source: Instagram/Nang Bryan

The man said he pulled out his phone to record the brutal act on May 9 before confronting the woman responsible. He said she told him the dog could not hop onto the bike because it was too small. It wasn’t until after he got “angry” that the woman placed the dog on the scooter, he told Kompas.

Mr Bryan said he was in a hurry to pick up his children so he left without reporting the incident to the police. However, the dad said he had been contacted by animal welfare groups after the video attracted more than 200,000 views, Coconuts Bali reports.

Officers have since confirmed to the publication an investigation is underway, with animal abusers facing nine months in jail under Indonesian law.

Outrage over 'very dangerous' act

Hundreds of people online have expressed their concern for the dog, deeming the woman's actions as “very dangerous”. “Does anyone know where this woman is? I’m afraid that the dog is still being tortured at his home,” one person wrote, while another said the footage was “so sad to see”.

“I really hope the dog is okay and can be rescued soon,” they added. “This is awful! Wtf?” someone else said.

Others criticised Mr Bryan for not stopping the incident sooner. “Next time leave your phone in your pocket and save the innocent animal, then if you feel good enough about yourself post the treatment or just do a good deed without showing the world,” a man wrote.

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