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Homeless man wins lottery

Dennis Mahurin. Photo:

For most people, a lottery win would signal a lifestyle change – but one homeless man has no interest in letting his windfall alter his ways.

Dennis Mahurin has become something of a celebrity in his home town of Bloomington, Indiana in the US after winning $50,000 on a scratchcard.

Mr Mahurin, who lives in a tent and has been homeless for nearly 35 years, purchased the winning ticket in a gas station but did not realize he had won so much.

"I scratched it off right here in my tent,” he told CINewsNow.

“I thought it was a thousand dollars. She said, 'Nope.' I said, 'Oh, I messed up didn't?' She said it was fifty thousand, and I almost fell over."

But, happy in his tent, although tempted to upgrade, Mr Mahurin plans to help out his friends as well.

"With all the other homeless people around here, I've made up my mind,” he added.

“I'm gonna give them each $100."

He also plans to visit his son, have some dental work done and save some of the money but added ‘I'm living in a tent, happy as can be in my nature’.

Mr Mahurin’s scoop follows a homeless man in Greenville last October, who won $200,000 from a scratchcard, although he declined to be identified.