Hollyoaks' Harvey Virdi addresses co-star's exit

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Harvey Virdi has addressed the exit of her co-star, Jonas Khan, sharing that she would miss the actor.

Khan, who has played Zain Rizwaan for the last two years, exited the show after his character suffered a breakdown in his marriage with Misbah following the arrival of Donny Clark.

Virdi, who debuted as Misbah in 2017, spoke with Inside Soap about Zain’s departure, saying she would miss Khan while also being excited by Misbah’s new arc.

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“I’ll definitely miss Jonas, but as an actor, I’m as excited as Misbah is about what’s next!,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed the little love triangle with Zain and Donny. It was such fun being stuck in the middle of those two.

“Zain was simmering with rage whilst Donny was being cheeky, and I’m trying not to smile! It shows no matter your age, if you fancy someone, you end up behaving like a teenager again!”

Virdi also spoke about the history between her character and Zain, sharing that they weren’t necessarily compatible after getting married so quickly.

“She [Misbah] knew things weren’t right between her and Zain before Donny turned up. He was the catalyst – Donny makes Misbah feel like she’s 20 again as he has the passion she’s lost with Zain.

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“Misbah embraces being in the community and wants to be out doing stuff, but over time, she felt Zain’s different attitude meant that her life was closing down instead of opening up,” added the actor, before she discussed Misbah’s future with Donny.

“We’ve kind of left the door open for that, but there are a lot of steps to negotiate. She doesn’t know how Donny feels about her because he’s a player and is keeping that close to his chest. Does he still fancy Norma? I don’t want Misbah to be single, she needs a bit of a push!”

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