Hollyoaks airs Carter arrest after Pride tragedy

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for Wednesday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which airs on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks has aired scenes of Carter Shepherd getting arrested at the village Pride celebrations.

The school headteacher has been practising conversion therapy on LGBTQ+ people, and this week tried to kidnap the brainwashed Lucas Hay and take him to America. Scenes saw Carter tie Hannah Ashworth up and leave her locked up once she tried to stop him.

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In the previous episode, John Paul McQueen and Ste Hay managed to restrain Carter after he returned to the village to look for Lucas. In tonight's (May 1) episode, Carter managed to break free and make a run for it.

Grabbing a microphone, he tried to preach his homophobic messages, but was cut off by Kitty Draper, who pointed out other teachings in the Bible he conveniently ignores. His daughter, Freya Calder, turned up and was devastated to see him spewing hatred, and he ran away again.

Over in the Folly, a bloodied and bruised Dillon Ray regained consciousness to find Lucas had passed out, and managed to stagger his way back to the village, where he managed to inform Ste of his son's whereabouts before passing out again. Ste managed to find Lucas and cradled him as the ambulance arrived.

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Freya confronted her dad and tried to find out the truth, but Carter said he could only tell her later, and for them to meet under the archway at night time.

She then went to visit Dillon in hospital, and heard about the plan to kidnap Lucas. Freya couldn't explain what was going on, but said that her dad "must have had his reasons".

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hollyoaks, carter
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Back in the village, Freya returned as John Paul and Carter were having one final confrontation, and she held his hand. As the police vans started to turn up, she held on to her and wouldn't let her dad, revealing that she called the authorities on him.

"I'll pray for you," he said coldly, as he was driven away, while the Pride-goers celebrated his arrest.

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