Hollyoaks' Abe Fielding makes major McQueens discovery

Hollyoaks spoilers follow for Wednesday's streaming episode, which will air on E4 tomorrow.

Hollyoaks' Abe Fielding has made what looks to be a major discovery about one of the McQueens in the latest episode.

Abe is currently at the centre of a big storyline involving his mum Marie and his missing brother Arlo. There have been CCTV photos of him in Dublin with a mysterious hooded figure, and the police turned up to arrest Marie after hearing she had been sedating him.

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In tonight's (March 27) instalment, Abe admitted to his girlfriend Cleo that he called the police on Marie, and he stated that he just wants to move on from the whole thing.

"Maybe Arlo is better off where he is," Abe told her. "Maybe he doesn't need to be found. I mean, he's with his dad, he's living a brand-new life without Mum – who's messed up and chaotic. It's far better than I ever had. Or Joel."

Unfortunately, Marie overheard and wasn't best pleased.

Cleo tried to take the blame, but Abe told Marie that sometimes she makes mistakes. Later on, he told her that she forgets things (although she was insistent that she didn't) and that she needs to take a step back from all this private investigator stuff and let him handle it.

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But at the end of the episode, Abe went to the McQueens' house and was disturbed to see Theresa wearing the same hoodie that the mystery figure with Arlo in the CCTV was wearing.

Just what is going on with Theresa and Arlo?

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