WATCH: 'Quite close' holiday rush hits Sydney Airport's runway

A photographer has filmed the busy Sydney Airport runway on one of the most hectic travel days of the year.

Tom Ferguson shared the moment a Cathay Pacific flight takes off and a Jetstar flight lands behind it, a mere 30 seconds later.

"In this particular video the separation distance between a Jetstar Australia Airbus A320 landing and a Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 taking off was quite close, though I understand still within allowable limits," Mr Ferguson told the Daily Mail.

The two planes filmed 30 seconds apart at Sydney Airport. Source: Tom Ferguson

While the runway was busy outside, passengers inside were just as close.

Travellers were forced to queue outside the Virgin Australia Sydney terminal as thousands of passengers finished up their Christmas and New Year break on January 3.

An air traffic spokesperson confirmed the planes close arrival and departure time but said the runway met all appropriate standards.

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