Hit-run cyclist left for dead

Hit-run cyclist left for dead

A Melbourne cyclist, left for dead in a ditch with a broken leg, has pleaded for public help to find the hit-run driver.

Andrew McKendry, of Hawthorn, was cycling along a 100km/h stretch between St Leonards and Drysdale, when he was struck from behind by a passing vehicle on Saturday morning.

The 32-year-old was thrown from his bike and ended up in a roadside ditch.

Andrew was taken to Geelong Hospital with a broken leg, cuts and bruises, but says he could have died, and is stunned the driver failed to stop.

"I got hit on my right side, and the next thing I know I was lying in a ditch trying to work out what had happened.

"I didn't hear a thing, I didn't see a thing. It happened so quickly."

Lying in agony on the roadside, Andrew tried to wave his hand to attract the attention of passing motorists.

"I was just lying on the side, waving my hands and yelling out for help," he told reporter Laurel Irving.

"I was hoping that someone would hear or see me and stop."

Luckily, alert motorist David Mott noticed parts of a bicycle strewn across the road and pulled over to help the stricken cyclist.

Andrew didn't see the car that struck him, but police are adamant the driver would have known.

Drysdale police Sergeant Grant Langmaid said: "The back wheel was pretty heavily damaged, so they would've known they made contact with the bike."

A cyclist was killed in the same area 18 months ago, and Andrew says the roads should be made a lot safer.

Police are investigating reports of a purple SS Commodore driving close to cyclists the same day, but have few other leads.

Andrew has appealed to the hit-run driver to surrender, and asked that the public come forward with any information.

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