Hilarious video of man losing it while experiencing medical mystery

A man is beside himself while he records himself in the middle of an uncontrollable hiccup fit with an odd twist.

Cam Scott said he experienced a tick-like bout of “reverse hiccups” for about an hour when he began to exhale air, instead of inhale, repeatedly.

Cam Scott is in hysterics while doing everything to try and stop his 'reverse hiccups'. Source: YouTube/Cam Scott

The man said he initially experienced regular hiccups when he breathed in, but the uncontrollable outbursts were replaced with a strange bodily function every time he tried to exhale.

Throughout the minute-long video he tries the usual hiccup trick of holding his breath, but the involuntary outbursts keep coming.

Cam can't even! Source: YouTube/Cam Scott

“It’s full on like Tourette's… I can’t get rid of it,” Mr Scott says between hysterical fits of laughter – both his own as well as from a woman heard cackling relentlessly in the background.

“Help, please help!” he appeals comically into the camera.

“I’m dying,” he jokes, before the video cuts out.

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