High School Seniors Praised for Pulling Off 'Impressive' Trader Joe's Prank on Town: 'Wish It Were True'

Trader Joe's

One group of high schoolers understood the assignment for their senior prank.

Students from Pasadena, Md., pulled off the ultimate trick on the rest of the town for their senior prank—and it was so good, it almost borders on cruel.

As explained by one of the town's residents on Facebook, the local high school's senior class hung a giant banner in front of an empty store property that teased a Trader Joe's location coming to their town.

The banner, which claimed that the popular grocery store chain would be popping up in Pasadena in the spring of 2025, also had a giant QR code that, when scanned, Rick-Rolled anyone looking for more info.

"The whole town was abuzz yesterday morning, thinking we were getting a Trader Joe's!" Pasadena resident Marlena Calobong wrote on Facebook while begrudgingly admitting, "Well, they got us all!!!"

"That was a good one!!!" Calobong added.

Users in the comments agreed it was the perfect prank to pull in this day and age, as Trader Joe's seems to be all the rage lately.

"Well done!! Impressive prank!! Before reading it gasped in excitement," one person wrote on Facebook, while many others living in Pasadena admitted they were "disappointed" to find out it was just a prank.

"Oomg this is so good! I wish it were true," one user replied to the post on Facebook, while another echoed, "Lol disappointing but oh well All in good fun I guess."

"Kids can be so cruel 🤣”," someone else joked.

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