Hidden detail on Coles price tags offers huge discounts: 'Blew me away'

Coles shoppers are sharing the apparent savings they've made thanks to checking the small print.

An easily overlooked detail on a Coles price tag has served as a reminder to customers to always double check labels when shopping at the supermarket, as there are huge savings to be made.

One eagle-eyed shopper made the discovery on a yellow "special" ticket, leading to a major discount on a 360g block of orange-flavoured Toblerone. Despite the advertised offer of two bars for $16, smaller print at the bottom of the tag reveals a strangely generous alternative option of buying one for just $1.50.

The Coles customer confirmed the Toblerone scanned for $1.50 at the checkout. Source: Facebook

The excited Coles customer share his find on Facebook. "Sometimes it pays to read labels," he wrote alongside the photo of the price tag. "Blew me away, the difference had I wanted two."

Other customers shared their own surprising finds, revealing other items which apparently cost less than half price when purchased individually compared to buying two as part of a supposed "special" offer. In one photo, Lifesavers Fruit Tingles are priced at $6 for two packs or $2.04 for one, while a second picture shows Berocca priced at $37.50 for two packs or $15 for one.

Coles customers spotted Lifesavers Fruit Tingles priced at $6 for two packs or $2.04 for one, and Berocca priced at $37.50 for two packs or $15 for one. Source: Facebook

Upon seeing the images, fellow shoppers pledged to be more diligent when reading price tags in the future. "Yep, my shopping is now going to take sooo much longer reading all these labels," one shopper laughed.

"You watch, the workers now are going to wonder why a whole community across Australia are suddenly getting close reading tags all down the aisles," added another.

Coles responds to perplexing pricing

Speaking to Yahoo News, a Coles spokesperson claimed that the discrepancy in the Toblerone pricing was due to a mix-up. Orange flavoured Toblerone is currently priced at $1.50 each, while regular blocks are part of a national special price of two for $16.

Despite the confusing price tags, the supermarket said shoppers shouldn't worry about getting stung at the check-out.

"We can assure customers that when they scan any items at the checkout, our system is set up to always give the lowest price," the spokesperson said.

But it probably pays to keep an eye out.

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