Friend of artist reveals why she mocked tradies in McDonald's - as it emerges her dad is a builder

It has emerged the artist who was widely condemned for posting a mocking photo of a scaffolder at McDonald’s is the daughter of a builder, as a source close to her explains she was attempting to shame the tradie for bullying.

Hetty Douglas, 25, sparked furious backlash when she posted a photo of a group of workmen at the South London eatery with the caption, “these guys look like they got 1 GCSE” on Instagram.

A source close to the family has told UK press that the tradesmen were being "very unkind and intimidating" to staff at the fast food establishment.

The GCSE, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, is an academic qualification for students in England and Wales, with Ms Douglas' implication being that the men had failed school.

However, while Ms Douglas has copped it on social media, with some saying she wouldn’t last a day working a trade, it’s since emerged her father is a builder.

It's emerged Ms Douglas' father works as a builder. Source: Instagram

He spoke to the Mail Online from his cottage in Cornwall while covered in rubble dust.

“She would be very angry with me if I was to speak to you,” he said.

“I’d love to defend my daughter but the less anyone says the sooner it will hopefully all blow over.”

Father-of-one Warren Butt, who was pictured in the photo, has demanded an apology after Ms Douglas made him and his colleagues “look like a load of idiots”.

“I do not think it's right, she can take a picture of us without us knowing and say that,” he said.

“I'm just working - just earning a living for me and my son."

Ms Douglas was vilified on social media for her photo.

Her Instagram account has since been deleted while artist Rhi Harper labelled her a “spoiled rich girl gentrifying South London”.

Hetty Douglas (left) posted this photo (right) which has caused outrage. Source: Linkedin/ Instagram

Ms Harper’s tweet has been liked more than 72,000 times and re-tweeted more than 17,800.

But a source close to the family said Ms Douglas’ comments were taken out of context and the workmen, including Mr Butt, were being rude and swearing at McDonald’s staff.

“I’m sure the builders would just dismiss it as banter but they were very unkind and intimidating,” they said.

“So she thought she would take these lads down a peg or two. Sadly it has backfired but she meant well.”

Patricia and her son Warren Butt (right) have slammed Ms Douglas (left). Source: Instagram/ Supplied

The source said Ms Douglas is “actually a very nice, polite, well-mannered girl”, but was now “terrified of reprisals”.

“Well now the real facts are out there a lot of people will be regretting what they have said about Hetty,” they said.

“She's not some posh little rich girl. She's actually as working class as they come it's just as a model some of the pictures of her are upmarket.”

Ms Douglas, from Nottingham, moved to South London to study at the University of Arts.

She’s previously bragged about being from “Shottingham”, a nickname used to describe her hometown’s link to gun crime.