Heroic grandfather 'saves girl's life by taking snake bite' for her

A Queensland man has reportedly endured a potentially deadly snake bite to save his granddaughter’s life.

Chris Harrison told News Corp he was raking leaves in the backyard of his Bundaberg home earlier this week when a foot-long brown snake emerged and struck him on the foot.

“I saw the snake and told her to move,” Mr Harrison told News Corp.

“My wife grabbed her, then I felt the sharp pain in my foot.”

He said it was his instinct to make sure his granddaughter was safe.

Mr Harrison was struck on his foot by what he believes was an eastern brown snake. Source: Getty (file photo)

“I’m bigger than her and I can take the pain and she wouldn’t be able to,” he said.

But after making his way back into the house, the keen gardener grew concerned when he began vomiting and called an ambulance.

Paramedics gave him morphine when they arrived, before he was transported to hospital.

The heroic grandfather is now ready to throw in the rake after receiving his second snake bite in less than a year.

“I was wearing thongs then and I went to wearing sneakers this time, but I never thought it’d happen again,” he added.