WATCH: Hero cop saves Queensland driver moments from death, caught between boom gates

Mel Buttigieg

A quick-thinking officer saved a Queensland driver who was moments from death, trapped in the path of an oncoming train.

Seven News has obtained footage of the gut-wrenching moment the woman was caught between boom games as a train was approaching at a level crossing.

The video shows the vehicle stuck between two boom gates when they came down.

An officer can be seen walking from his car to where a Queensland motorist became stuck between two boom gates at a railway level crossing. Picture: Queensland Police

It is believed the motorist drove on to the tracks at Torbanlea, west of Hervey Bay, on the Fraser Coast, as the crossing lights turned red.

The quick actions of a hero cop, who was travelling behind the woman, saved her from potential disaster.

The officer can be seen walking from his car, ducking under the first boom gate, and forcing the second boom gate up.

This allowed the driver to move her car off the tracks before the train approached, which was luckily stopped a few hundred metres away, according to the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

The quick-thinking officer ducked under the first boom gate and forced the second up, allowing the woman to drive off before the train approached. Picture: Queensland Police

The officer, who the newspaper identified as Constable Pat Cronin, said the motorist followed behind another vehicle that continued through the crossing when the red lights began to flash.

Both cars tried to cross but because the first car had to stop at the next intersection, the woman became stuck on the tracks as the boom gate came down.

"I felt like I was going to have front-row seats for a serious crash," Constable Cronin said.

"I've been in this division for a while and I knew the train was going through there."

The driver reportedly didn't stop to say thank you, but the officer was able to track her down and issue a $365 fine.

"People just need to pay attention and obey the rules," Constable Cronin said.