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Herd immunity matters: Sydney mum shares frightening video of baby with whooping cough in appeal to anti-vaxxers

A distraught mother has posted video of her five week old choking and struggling to breath in an attempt to "educate more people on the importance of vaccinations".

Sandra Tee posted the distressing footage of her baby to Facebook yesterday in a post which has since gone viral.

The video shows the clearly distressed infant in a hospital bed, surrounded by family and medical staff with an oxygen mask held to their face.

“I'm sharing to show just how scary and dangerous whooping cough is to babies who are too young to be vaccinated, she wrote.

“Babies rely on herd immunity to keep them safe and unfortunately we cannot achieve that without high vaccination rates.

“Please don't ignore the warning signs- our baby girl only had a slight cough to start. Please share this to educate more people on the importance of vaccinations.”

Opposition to vaccination has been growing in recent decades following the publication of a fabricated medical study which linked vaccination to autism.

The study by Andrew Jeremy Wakefield was published in The Lancet in 1998 and drew a link between autism and the rubella, mumps and measles vaccine.

However, the study was later found to be fabricated, leading to the former doctor Wakefield to lose his medical registration.

The Lancet fully retracted his article, declaring its findings ‘utterly false’.

The false study had already drawn the attention of celebrity’s however, who have continued to propagate its false claims, leading many parents to believe vaccines can be harmful to their babies.