Henry Cavill admires Tom Cruise's 'dedication' to his movie roles

Henry Cavill is inspired by Tom Cruise on screen credit:Bang Showbiz
Henry Cavill is inspired by Tom Cruise on screen credit:Bang Showbiz

Henry Cavill wants to emulate Tom Cruise's "dedication" as an actor.

The 'Argylle' star - who plays the titular role in the new spy comedy - has reflected on his work in Hollywood and how he takes inspiration from the 'Top Gun' action hero, who is famous for doing all his own stunts.

Asked about the best tip he's had from Tom, he told Extra: "I don’t know if he’s necessarily given me any particular advice…

"It’s more about just watching the dedication he puts into stuff and that’s advice all in itself.”

But he played down any comparisons between the pair, joking about a tap dancing scene he and co-star Sam Rockwell had to shoot for their latest blockbuster.

He joked: “For example, he comes to a movie having learned how to stunt fly a helicopter; we learned how to tap dance a little bit.

"It's a different level of dedication and that in and of itself is the advice.

"If you're going to go into something, go all the way. Do it 100 percent."

He tried to take that into his 'Argylle' fight scenes, with him and Sam doing their own stunts.

Henry explained: “It’s a lot of time spent watching each other perform the fight because normally, if you’re doing your bit then everyone says, ‘Okay, we’re going to move another actor and work with them.

"You can sit down and relax,’ but with Sam and I… the important bit was watching the other actor so we could try and mimic them to a degree.”

While the scraps made the cut, the same can't be said for their tap dance scene, which was left on the cutting room floor.

The 'Man of Steel' star noted: "What I found with those tap shoes is that they are super dangerous… How they can move like that and then around normally with them… The amount of times we wiped out wearing those shoes, they’re not safe.”