How this Aussie suburb rebelled against parking meters and won

Residents of a South Australian suburb have rebelled against paid parking and won in a stunning backflip by their local council.

Parking is again free in Henley Square at Henley Beach after Charles Sturt Council removed three parking meters a month after installing them.

It followed a fiery council meeting and a number of protests.

A resident cheers while a meter is removed. Source: 7 News

But local traders are happy to see them gone.

“We’ve been doing a lot better in the last few days, already,” local trader Yanni Zabanias said.

Shopper Jo Baker said it’s “fantastic” people no longer have to pay.

The decision followed a fiery council meeting. Source: 7 News

“I don’t think I’d come here if I couldn’t park free,” she said.

“It’s convenient for what I want to do.”

Council spent $21,000 on the meters and it made $10,000 off them in just three weeks through tickets.

It now plans to sell the meters to cover the rest of the money.

A number of protests pushed for the meters to be removed. Source: 7 News