How to help save endangered species living in your backyard

Yahoo News Australia spoke to Jess Abrahams from Australian Conservation Foundation, sharing five simple tips. Video: Michael Dahlstrom

Video transcript

JESS ABRAHAMS: It's really important that we all do our part. And sometimes it might be as simple, if you're a cat owner, of keeping the cat inside at night. We know cats have a huge impact on the native birds and reptiles that live in our cities. And in fact, we know our cities are habitat for threatened species.

Beyond that, you can get involved in fantastic hands-on activities like tree planting. And third, we need to protect the habitat that we have already. And perhaps, that could be as simple as the tree in your backyard, that could be providing habitat for native birds or animals, or perhaps even koalas in some parts of Australia.

And also, increasingly, citizen science projects. ACF has launched a really exciting planning project for the month of September. People are out looking for platypus in their local creeks and waterways. But we need strong laws that can protect habitat across the country. It's really important that we advocate to our local members of Parliament that we want to see nature protected, immediately really.