Pregnant designer dogs seized from illegal breeder

Dozens of designer dogs have been rescued from an illegal breeding site after they were found crammed into filthy greyhound trailers.

A tip-off about the operation saw Wellington Shire Council officers storm the property in the Victorian suburb of Sale on Thursday where they found the trailers draped in camouflage netting.

The dogs and puppies were living in filthy, cramped conditions and were seized under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986.

Development General Manager John Websdale said most of the adult dogs are pregnant and are expected to give birth soon.

Thirty-nine designer dogs were seized from the Gippsland property. Source: Supplied / Wellington Shire Council

“Our officers were shocked and horrified to find these animals in really horrible conditions,” he told ABC.

“Most of the adult dogs were in pup and due to give birth soon.”

He said once the dogs were at the Council’s pound and animal shelter, they received veterinary treatment and continue to be monitored.

Wellington Shire General Manager Development John Websdale said Council was working to shut down illegal dog breeding facilities.

The dogs are continuing to receive veterinary treatment. Source: Supplied / Wellington Shire Council

“This seizure was not from a registered breeding facility, of which we have 12 in Wellington Shire who do the right thing,” he said in a statement.

Mr Websdale pleaded with potential dog owners to consider where they were purchasing their dog from.

“For those who are wanting to purchase a puppy or dog for their family, please only do so through a registered breeder,” he added.

“These registered breeders meet the legislative requirements and ensure their dogs are kept in happy and healthy conditions.”

A council spokesperson said the owner of the property is expected to face charges.