Heatwave to hit EVERY Aussie state and territory

Thermometers are forecast to surge into the 40s over the next few days – here's where it will hit the hardest.

The whole of Australia is in for a scorcher this week with a late-summer heatwave to hit “every state and territory”.

From the west coast to the east, thermometers are forecast to surge over the next few days.

“A trough is pushing in from Western Australia so that’s going to bring the hottest temperatures to western South Australia,” Weatherzone’s James Rout told Yahoo News Australia.

“As that pushes through on Thursday then the heat will come across the south east of Australia, pushing into western New South Wales, western Victoria and eastern South Australia.”

Swimmers on the edge of an ocean pool in Sydney as a heatwave hits.
It'll hit 32 degrees in Sydney on Saturday as the east coast sweats through a heatwave. Source: AAP

Four severe warnings in place

The Bureau of Meteorology has already issued a “severe heatwave warning” for four Aussie states this week.

In WA, the Kimberly, Pilbara, North Interior and South Interior Districts have all been put on alert with the celsius expected to peak at 43 degrees on Friday.

As the sweltering conditions push across the country, Victorians in the East Gippsland District are bracing for a sticky 34 degrees on Thursday and Friday, while Melbourne will hit 35 on Thursday.

In Queensland, temperatures are expected to hover around 30 degrees in the Wide Bay and Burnett Districts for the rest of this week.

Tasmania has also received a severe warning for the North East and East Coast Districts with the celsius expected to peak at 30 on Friday.

Weatherzone's heat map of Australia.
Weatherzone says very state and territory in the country will feel the impact of the heatwave. Source: Weatherzone

An alert hasn’t been issued for South Australia but residents in Adelaide are preparing for a whopping 38 degree day on Thursday before temperatures fall. In Sydney, the celsius will reach 32 on Saturday before hanging around the low 30s into next week. While storms are forecast for Darwin this week, the maximum temp will sit at 33 until Sunday.

While Mr Route says the ‘feels like’ temperature will be a degree higher in most capital cities this week, he says it’s pretty normal for the last few weeks of summer.

“February is one of the hottest months of the year, especially as we've just had tropical cyclones in the Australian region,” the meteorologist explained, nodding towards a cyclone off the WA coast last week. “So that brings a lot of heat to WA which gets transported to the southeast.”

Swimmers diving into the water in Melbourne.
Melbournians are bracing for a 35 degree day on Thursday while a severe heatwave warning is in place for the East Gippsland District. Source: AAP

Cool change short-lived

While a cool change is set to hit Adelaide by Friday and Melbourne over the weekend, a “slight drop” in temperatures in Sydney and Canberra won’t last long.

“Around the middle of next week, the heat looks to be building again across the southeast of Australia,” Mr Route said. “It’s looking like early next week, Monday or Tuesday for Adelaide, possibly from Wednesday for Melbourne, and then Thursday or Friday for Canberra, Sydney, Bankstown.”

Again it’s all down to another trough coming from Western Australia and pushing across south Australia into the southeast and east.

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