'Ridiculous' reason behind bizarre lawn mowing trend

A group of locals from a Brisbane suburb have decided to make a mundane gardening chore a little more colourful after being inspired by an odd complaint on Facebook.

The ‘Salisbury Ridiculous Mowing Session’ was started by Tyson Stafford in response to a complaint in a local Facebook group over a neighbours’ choice of clothing while moving their lawn.

“Someone complained that a lady was mowing her lawn at 6.45pm on a Sunday while wearing a black dress and no shoes. I know... crazy right?” Mr Stafford wrote on Facebook.

People wearing crazy outfits while they mow their lawn
Local residents got into the spirit of 'ridiculous' and pulled out their craziest outfits to make mowing their lawns fun. Source: Nissa Opdam

Because of the ‘ridiculous’ comment, one woman in the group suggested people get out there and wear their most ridiculous outfit next time they mow their lawn, and Mr Stafford jumped at the chance to make it an event.

“I just thought ‘well that sounds great’” he told Yahoo News Australia.

So he asked his neighbours who wanted to participate to were asked to wear their most ridiculous outfits while they mowed their grass. And they didn’t disappoint.

People wearing crazy outfits while they mow their lawn
TuTu's were a popular choice at the event. Source: Nissa Opdam

Dozens of Salisbury residents took up the challenge on Sunday, wearing feather boas, onesies, cricket gear, tutus and evening dresses as they tidied their gardens in style.

The street lit up with laughter and colour as the fashionable gardeners jumped at the chance to liven up a boring chore.

People wearing crazy outfits while they mow their lawn
Some locals decided they couldn't go wrong with a little black dress while others felt that a splash of colour was needed. Source: Nissa Opdam

A photographer was there to capture some of the most creative outfits and the results are so stunning, Mr Stafford said, adding that he has had requests to put together a calendar shoot for charity.

Attendees loved participating in the event and there are already requests to make it an annual event, Mr Stafford told Yahoo News Australia.

“Why not? It’s a bit of fun,” he said

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