'I was sick': Man finds chilling note in letterbox days after his dog vanishes

When Chad Stricker’s beloved dog went missing, he never imagined the resulting search would end with a disturbing note in his letterbox.

The Mississippi man spent six days looking for his 10-month-old wolfdog named Nymeria who was free to roam their 10 acre property, along with her older brother, a white wolf-hybrid dog named Ghost. When she didn’t return one morning, Mr Stricker was deeply concerned.

He came home from work early to drive up and down roads looking for Nymeria, he posted on social media and asked neighbours for help.

Man and dog can be seen.
Chad and his dog (left) and Nymeria with her brother Ghost (right).

Then one night as he was getting ready to go out to dinner, his search came to an abrupt end when he found her collar in his letterbox along with an anonymous note.

“I’m sorry to inform you that your dog was shot and killed Saturday night while digging through my garbage,” the note said.

“It did not suffer and I did not take pleasure in killing It. There Is a county leash law which you should abide by so that I do not have to kill any more of your pets.”

Mr Stricker couldn’t believe what he was reading. “I was sick to my stomach,” he told the Biloxi Sun Herald.

The anonymous note found in his letterbox. Source: Facebook/Chad Stricker
The anonymous note found in his letterbox. Source: Facebook/Chad Stricker

While there is a county law in the area that mandates dogs must be fenced in or on a leash at all times, Mr Stricker was irate at the stranger’s actions.

Making matters worse, the owner had taken extra precautions to avoid an incident like this happening. Nymeria had a large yellow collar with an over-sized tag that showed her photo, address, a phone number to contact her owner and even a description of her personality.

But ultimately it wasn’t enough to keep her safe.

In a viral Facebook post, Mr Stricker shared his pain. “I received a ziplock bag with Nymeria’s collar and an anonymous typed note in my mailbox tonight that stated she had been shot and killed because she was in someone’s trash,” he wrote in a follow-up post telling followers about the tragic end to the search.

Nymeria the pup on a leash.
Nymeria in her younger puppy days. Source: Facebook/Chad Stricker

“This is to the coward who shot my girl:

“I want you to know she was one of the sweetest dogs anywhere around and very loving,” Mr Stricker wrote.

“It’s sad to think I have a neighbour of your moral character living so close to me that would do this. Do I hate you, no, I pity the person you are and those who have to tolerate you.

“Only thing you did right here was return her collar and let me know you had killed her.”

Mr Stricker also revealed in the post that he was only about a week away from completing a one acre yard that was entirely fenced to keep his dogs from roaming at night.

“She would never have gotten into your precious garbage again,” he wrote.

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