Hearing for the first time

19 August, 2012

REPORTER: Mark Ferguson
PRODUCER: Ali Russell
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Lanneke Hargreaves

Sunday Night was overwhelmed by viewer responses to last month’s First Sounds story, which featured video footage of deaf children hearing for the very first time as their cochlear implants were switched on.

In particular, the vision of little Cooper’s bright smile and cheeky laugh when he heard his first sounds melted hearts around Australia.

In this eagerly anticipated follow-up, Mark Ferguson spoke to a bright and bubbly three-year-old Cooper in his native US, one year on from that switch-on video. Cooper’s parents revealed to Ferguson the real story about their son’s diagnosis and what the future holds for Cooper.

Closer to home, we introduced viewers to some of the Australian children who have received the gift of sound thanks to the hard work of Professor Graeme Clark, the scientist whose pioneering work for the hearing impaired was so warmly applauded by viewers after last month’s story.

Some useful links:

Hear For You
Olivia Andersen’s organisation that provides guidance and mentoring for deaf teenagers.

The Graham Clark Foundation
Professor Graeme Clark’s research foundation that also provides programs to support socially and financially disadvantaged adults and children with a hearing impairment.

Visit Cochlear Ltd or phone 1800 620 929.

The cost of a cochlear implant in the United States is around $30,000. If you would like to make a payment to help pay for Cooper’s cochlear implant you can make a donation through PayPal.

Sign in using your PayPal account and make a donation to cochlearcooper@gmail.com. All donations are greatly appreciated.