'He knows my number plates': Uber driver fears drug dealer attack

The safety of Uber and other ride-sharing vehicles has been questioned after a Brisbane driver claims to have taken passengers to drug deals.

“Jack” shared his dash cam footage with 7News and says more needs to be done to ensure driver safety.

Footage from the ride to a drug deal in Brisbane. Source: 7News

“The drug dealer looked at me in the face, in the eyes so he recognises me,” Jack said.

“He knows my number plates.”

In the vision, Jack drives a woman to an ATM where her male accomplice gets the $400 cash.

“Just come into the street…. I got your back, it’s alright,” she can be heard saying.

Jack is then told to take the duo to Driftwood Park where the deal goes down with a BMX rider.

“(Uber) say they won’t connect me with that rider again (but it’s not enough),” Jack said.

“It’s happening too much and it’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt.”

Footage from the Uber drug deal ride. Source: 7News

Legal experts say ride-sharing drivers who unknowingly take part in criminal activity could also be up for charges.

“I’ve been assaulted in an Uber, I’ve had my vehicle damaged,” Jack said.

“Should they legalise it?

“Not in its current state.”


Jack later quit his job as an Uber driver after a late night egg attack.

Uber did not comment specifically when contacted, instead referring 7News to its Terms of Service.