Woman's quest to expose 'Mexico's butcher' after sister dies during botched butt lift

Krystal Johnson

The sister of an Australian woman who died in a botched butt lift procedure is on a quest for justice and out to confront a doctor in Mexico who "butchered" her sibling.

Gold Coast woman Evita Sarmonikas went on a holiday to Mexico with her boyfriend for a Brazilian butt lift operation, but never came home.

The 29-year-old died in March 2016 after her lung was punctured five times during the procedure.

Evita Sarmonikas died after undergoing simple surgery at a hospital in Mexico. Photo: Facebook

It is alleged her lungs perforated, believed to be the result of a cannula used for liposuction that was driven through her muscle and all of the way into her lungs.

Evita's sister, Andrea Sarmonikas, has been in Mexico for over a year since the death, to expose Dr Victor Ramirez who has allegedly claimed the lives of five others.

A Sunday Night investigation will hear how Ms Sarmonikas discovered how Dr Ramirez, dubbed "Mexico's Butcher", got away with the alleged murder.

Gold Coast sisters Evita and Andrea Sarmonikas pictured together. Photo: Sunday Night
Dr Victor Ramirez has been dubbed

"Three deaths that we know of direct evidence – Evita is one of those," Ms Sarmonikas said.

"Another three that we still don't know names and we still don't know causes. And we need those families to come forward.

"If I don't do this now, someone else is going to die. While the doors keep opening I will continue because this doctor needs to be stopped."

Andrea Sarmonikas has been in Mexico for over a year since her sister died and said she is out to get retribution for Dr Victor Ramirez. Photo: Sunday Night

Ms Sarmonikas has spent her time in Mexico door-knocking to find other victims in an desperate attempt to put a stop Dr Ramirez's procedures.

Earlier this year she managed to get the "secret butcher" charged with homicide.

However in court he he pleaded not guilty and reportedly blew her a kiss.

Sunday Night reports Dr Ramirez is still a practicing plastic surgeon, despite facing homicide charges.

It's alleged he has operated outside his licence.

Sunday Night reported that Dr Ramirez is still practicing plastic surgery, despite the charges and has operated outside his licence. Photo: Sunday Night

An initial autopsy conducted in Mexico listed the cause of Evita's death as pulmonary embolism, a blockage of the artery in the lungs that likely caused by a blood clot.

However, a second independent autopsy, ordered by her family, found the lack of oxygen was caused by internal bleeding.

In June, Ms Sarmonikas released a statement that revealed it was a hemorrhage that led to her sister's death.

"Contrary to what was ruled by the doctor of the Attorney General of the State of Baja California, the second autopsy determined that my sister was perforated on more than four occasions in the right lung, causing a hemorrhage that led to the death," it read.

"Evita did not die from a pulmonary embolism nonthrombotic as we were first advised.”

Dr Ramirez (pictured left) is still practicing plastic surgery, despite the charges and has operated outside his licence. Photo: Facebook/Sunday Night

The heartbroken sister called on Mexican authorities and human rights organisations to join the fight for justice.

“There is nothing we can do to make Evita's life return to us.

"I will never be able to fill the huge gap that is left in the heart of my mother, in the heart of our community and also in mine. But we can, and we will, work our hardest to ensure Evita's death is not in vain."

Watch the Sunday Night major investigation air on 7 tonight at 8pm.