'He just went flying back': Man 'pushed by ghost' in spooky video

Melissa Hills

This is the chilling moment a man on a ghost hunt was apparently 'pushed' by a ghoulish companion.

The video shows a group of friends holding hands surrounding a table discussing the noises that they have been hearing and floorboards moving and creaking.

The tour, conducted by Spirit Seekers UK, carry out regular ghost hunts in north east England and the The Railway Arms pub in Brotton is a favourite location with a long history.

The man is 'pushed' as he stand behind a woman at the table. Photo: Spirit Seekers UK

A woman says 'I thought someone was breathing over my shoulder..." and then a loud thud is heard and the group, all on the edge of their nerves, turn round in shock.

After the loud bang the group say that they couldn't see what happened but someone asks 'did something push him?'

Another girl says: "He just had his hand out and then he just went flying back."

The spooky history of the pub goes all the way back to 1861 when ghostly happenings first started getting reported.

The group look round to see what is going on after the loud bang. Photo: Spirit Seekers

Visitors claims include sightings of a man, thought to be a former owner, who has been seen sitting on the pool table and walking through a wall where there was once a door.

Strange spheres of light have also been reported as well as strange footsteps at night and heavy furniture being moved.

Reports of the man being pushed by a ghost in north east England come at the same time ghost hunters claim to have spotted a sexy spectre with an interest in mummies in a museum in Devon, southern England.

The moment the group heard the loud bang. Photo: Spirit Seekers

The ghost has been reportedly caught on camera at Torquay Museum who appears to have blonde hair and cleavage.

It is claimed that the ghost left fingerprints inside a mummy’s case and is being blamed for a series of other strange occurrences in the building.

However, some ghost fans are less interested in the ghoul’s activities than in her appearance.

The pub in north-east England which is popular with ghost hunters. Photo: Googlemaps

After an image of her in the Old Devon Farmhouse Gallery in the museum was published online, aficionados of paranormal activity commented on how she looks, not how she spooks.

“This blonde bombshell certainly sent a chill up my spine,” said one ghost fan.

“Who knew ghosts could be so sexy?”

The so-called sexy ghost. Photo: Facebook/ Torquay Museum

The ghost’s alleged activities came to light after a Real Investigators of the Paranormal event took place on Friday.

The museum, founded in 1844, contains the mummified remains of a four-year-old boy from Ancient Egypt.

Museum manager Carl Smith said: “The weirdest thing was that we have a mummy, which we believe is Devon’s only human mummy.

“During the night on the inside of the case we saw what we believe were handprints on the inside. It was a pretty clear two fingers and a thumb.

“The case had not been opened for seven years and last time it was opened it took seven men to open it. It was impossible for it to be opened by someone else.

“It is something that we cannot explain as they were not there before the evening. It freaked a few people out.”