Haunting last photo of couple killed by luxury speedboat

The tragic last photo of a couple taken moments before they were killed in a luxury speedboat accident has emerged.

Greta Nedrotti, 25, died after her leg was torn off by the force of the impact and her fiancé Umberto Garzarella, 37, succumbed to serious stomach injuries.

Their pleasure boat had been hit by a speeding Riva Aquarama on Italy's Lake Garda piloted by two German men on holiday.

Now a haunting snap has emerged of the couple's last moments.

The last photo of the couple who had an accident, Umberto Garzarella (left)  and Greta Nedrotti (next to him), at Lake Garda, Italy, in June, 2021. Source: Newsflash/Australscope
A photo of the couple's last moments before the crash has emerged. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

The image shows the 37-year-old boiler maintenance company owner and university graduate Nedrotti aboard the wooden boat while relaxing with friends.

Another photo shows Patrick Kassen, 52, and Christian Teismann, 52 — who have been sentenced to prison over the accident — on their luxury speedboat.

Prosecutors alleged the two men were drunk when they crashed their boat into the Italians' vessel at 11.24pm on June 19 last year.

Both Garzarella and Nedrotti succumbed to their injuries at the scene, while the German men returned to shore.

Garzarella was found dead in the wooden boat while Nedrotti's body was found two days later by divers, Euronews reports.

German holidaymakers convicted

Police arrested Kassen and Teismann after noticing their docked speedboat was damaged, and investigators would later find pieces of wood from Garzarella's boat embedded in the Riva Aquarama.

CCTV footage also emerged showing Kassen falling into the lake while docking after the accident and then reportedly staggering ashore, Newsflash reports.

A bar owner who encountered him claims he called an emergency physician for Kassen, but he had refused treatment.

Greta Nedrotti, 25, and her fiancé Umberto Garzarella, 37.
Greta Nedrotti, 25, and her fiancé Umberto Garzarella, 37, had spent the day relaxing with friends. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Kassen maintains that he was not drunk at the time and that the CCTV images were taken out of context.

"The two Germans are to blame because they drove into the boat at a speed higher than the permitted speed," technical consultant Massimo Gronda, 64, who investigated the Costa Concordia disaster and is now working on the current case, said.

"But then we have to see what the other boat did, too."

A court in Brescia, Italy, found both suspects found guilty of manslaughter in March.

Kassen, who was allegedly piloting the boat, was given four years and six months behind bars, while Teismann, who claimed he was asleep at the time, was given two years and 11 months.

Both said they would appeal the decision.


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