Harry scandal continues with 'naked salutes'

In a show of solidarity with embattled royal Prince Harry, thousands of Facebook users have joined a group entitled 'Support Prince Harry with a naked salute'.

The group has drawn streams of nude and racy images from users parodying Harry's now-famous 'royal jewels' snaps in Las Vegas, many featuring military outfits and Union Jacks in a nod to Harry's service career.

As of today, the group has more than 16,000 members.

The group was founded by a former British Army soldier, who posted his very own 'nude salute' in support, a miniature flag shielding his nether regions from prying eyes.

Pics: Soldiers go naked for Prince Harry
Pics: Soldiers go naked for Prince Harry

The meteoric rise in popularity for the site comes as the Daily Mail reports that video footage of Prince Harry romping about with more than "15 naked women" is being shopped about different websites and newspapers.

This follows the release of two pictures featuring the Prince partying in a Las Vegas hotel room.

His girlfriend has since abandoned him, furious at his antics.