What happens at the end of Netflix's Dear Child?

dear child ending explained
Dear Child ending explainedNetflix

An unknown woman is left seriously injured after being hit by a car in the German woods at night which, in turn, opens up a missing persons case from 13 years before. This is the story of Netflix's latest series, Dear Child.

The gripping German thriller has had everyone talking and we have so many questions! Who was the killer? What happened to Lena, Hannah and Jonathon? So, here is the ending of Netflix's Dear Child explained.

Dear Child ending explained

After recovering from her accident, Jasmin tries to take her own life before going back to her abductor, Lars, to live as Lena, as does Hannah who escapes from her grandparents care.

We learn that Lena Beck was a young woman Lars kidnapped years prior while she was pregnant with her first child, Hannah. She is also Jonathon's biological mother (his father is Lars) and she died after giving birth to her third child, who also passed away. Since then, Lars abducted then killed multiple women who reminded him of Lena.

dear child ending

While in captivity, Hannah begs Lars to take them to the seaside where Jasmin needs a bathroom break and Lars walks her out onto the shore, removing the knives he saw she hid in her sleeve on the CCTV.

But, what he doesn’t know is that Jasmin has a shard of glass from the shattered snow globe she used to hit Lars in the first episode that she’d tucked into a sanitary pad.

So, Jasmin pretends to pass out, and when Lars rushes over, she stabs him in the neck. “I’m not Lena, I’m Jasmin," she shouts and policeman Gerd arrives to find Lars dying. In his final breath, he reveals reveals to Gerd the place where he buried the real Lena's body years ago.

At the end of the series, Gerd is packing up his case files, Jasmin is living on her own again, Jonathan is still in the care of the clinic, Hannah is meeting with a therapist, and the Lena's family have reburied her and joined a support group.

netflix dear child ending explained

Dear Child is streaming on Netflix now.

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