Half-naked man who attacked Melbourne fire truck 'can't remember' doing it

A half-naked man has been filmed ‘attacking’ a fire truck in Melbourne as it was rushing to an emergency.

The man, wearing only shorts, climbed on to the truck roof in an alleged ‘drug-fuelled’ stunt.

The shirtless and unpredictable man refused requests to come down, after blocking its path on Victoria St in Richmond.

The truck was rushing to respond to an alarm raised in the city, which turned out to be a false alarm.

Witness Dat Pham told 7 News the man refused to let the fire truck go.

"He tried to fight with everybody,” he said.

When the crew stopped to help at the scene the man turned his aggression on them.

He was seen breaking a windscreen wiper off the truck.

“He became quite aggressive towards the truck and the firefighters in the truck,” Chief Officer Peter Rau told 7 News.

Ngoc Tran said he was ‘scary’.

“He climb in the top of the fire engine, climb, climb, climb… the driver can’t do nothing (sic),” she said.

When the man was eventually convinced to come down, he hit the ground head-first and was knocked out.

“He fell, nobody take him. I saw exactly… the police coming, tell him to come down and he fell,” Ms Tran said.

When the man regained consciousness he asked the fire crew what had happened.

When they told him he had been on the truck roof, he couldn’t believe it or remember it.

Ms Tran described the area as the ‘cocaine capital’ of Melbourne.

“Emergency service workers are there to protect the public, not be attacked by the public,” Peter Marshall of the United Firefighters Union said.