Hair pulled, faces punched after woman plays boom box music too loud on flight

Krystal Johnson

Shocking video reveals a mass brawl between five women on board a US flight after two of them were 'intoxicated' and play music on their boom box too loud.

The incident occurred in Spirit Airlines flight 141 travelling from Baltimore-to-Los Angeles on the morning of March 9.

A passenger on board asked the girls to turn down the volume on the music player, but they instead increased the sound, held up their boom box provoking the incident.

A woman wearing a grey shirt falls to the ground during the fight and picks herself up ready to go again. Photo: Instagram/sweetassmagu

Then, a second group of passengers approached the two women also asking them to turn it down, which was when the taunting led to a shocking physical encounter, which was caught on multiple passengers' phones.

In the first video, a girl wearing a grey shirt picks herself up from the ground and starts violently hitting another women who appears to be sitting down in their seat.

The second part of the clip shows the same woman again -shown from a different perspective - throwing wild punches and pulling another woman's hair among the cluster of women.

Once the plane had landed in LA, the women were all greeted by law enforcement.

According to the FBI none of the women were charged over the incident. Photo: Instagram/sweetassmagu

Officer Rob Pedregon said. He called the brawl a “mutual combat situation” and pulled those involved off the plane.

According to the FBI, no one was charged or arrested for the matter.

“They were throwing serious punches. The ladies — they were serious," witness Emerson Silva told US Today.

According to Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry, the women refused requests from several others to turn down the music. They reportedly said, “What are you going to do?”

“Then to provoke the other customer they were holding up their boom box in the air, waving it around,” Mr. Berry told the Los Angeles Times.

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