I Had NO IDEA This Is How Loud These Historic Cicada Swarms Are

We're in the midst of one of the biggest cicada hatchings since 1803.

A large cicada sits on a 3D map of the United States, highlighting a news story about cicada populations or outbreaks
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All over the midwest and south, TRILLIONS of cicadas are emerging and shedding their exoskeletons.

A ground covered with numerous cicada shells, twigs, and leaves
Elijah Nouvelage / AFP via Getty Images

People are posting pictures of their shedded skins on trees.

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And while these swarms are certainly *interesting,* I'm here to talk about the sound.

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Boy, oh boy, it's LOUD.

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"The noise is DEAFENING," this news anchor said.

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"Cicadas in St. Louis are no joke," another person said.

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The consensus is: "Yes, it really is that loud."

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The cicadas make kind of an extraterrestrial "WHRR" noise.

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It sounds like another planet to me.

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As this person said, "It's cicada time!"

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It's so bad in St. Louis that Fox 2 is reporting "harmful" noise levels.

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Basically, it feels/sounds like the end of the world.

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I'll leave you with this bonus video of thousands of cicadas crackling as they leave their exoskeletons:

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