Armenian security forces detain police station assailant

MOSCOW (Reuters) -Armenian national security forces detained a gunman who had attacked a police station in the Nor-Nork district of Yerevan, the Armenian capital, Russian state news agency TASS reported on Sunday.

Armenia's interior ministry said earlier that three armed men on Sunday tried to attack the police station. Two of the assailants had been wounded when hand grenades they were carrying detonating and were rushed to hospital.

No one was wounded in the operation to detain the third gunman, TASS reported, citing the country's interior ministry.

The Interfax news agency reported earlier on Sunday, citing local media, that the gunmen might belong to the Combat Brotherhood organisation, around 50 members of which had been detained earlier in the day.

The organisation denied the report, saying it had nothing to do with the incident, Sputnik Armenia reported.

(Reporting by ReutersEditing by Andrew Osborn and Ros Russell)