Gruesome reason unwitting man got rental property for bargain price

A man looking for a new place to live thought he'd scored a bargain, but on the day he moved into the property he learned a very gruesome truth.

Three months before Luciano Peres arrived at the three-bedroom apartment in northwest Las Vegas, a woman had been murdered at the property, and his home was the centre of a major crime scene.

Mr Peres told Fox5 News that he found the place for just US$1600 ($2270) a month, which would be split between him and two roommates.

inside Las Vegas property with street map
Luciano Peres moved into the Las Vegas property when a neighbour told him a woman had been murdered months earlier. Source: Google maps/Fox 5 News

On average, a 961 square foot (89.27 square metres) one-bedroom apartment in the same area would cost roughly $1,534 per month, and the asking price for three bedders would be significantly more.

But the lower-than-average rate was probably due to what happened months earlier.

Las Vegas police were reportedly dispatched to the apartment complex on March 10 where they found a woman who'd died from multiple gunshot wounds, Fox News reported.

Two days later, police allegedly found the 25-year-old male suspect, who'd died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

But Mr Peres said he was "frustrated" to learn of the apartment's history from a neighbour and claimed management said nothing about it.

"When I moved in and was unloading my stuff for the truck many neighbours stopped me – oh do you know what happened there? Do you want to move there?" Mr Peres said.

Luciano Peres being interviewed about his Las Vegas apartment
Mr Peres was shocked and frustrated that management hadn't told him. Source: Fox 5 News

He was allegedly told they have no obligation to inform him if he did not specifically ask, something neighbour Makisha Giles thought was wrong.

"I don’t think you should just move a person into an apartment complex with them not knowing or aware of a situation like that," she said, so she took it upon herself to let Mr Peres know.

Local real estate agent Megan Foley told Fox News that per Nevada law, "we do not have to disclose if it was a homicide or a suicide."

However, a "meth or any other chemical-related death" would have to be disclosed.

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