The 'grubby' sofa offered for rent at exorbitant price in party town

An advertisement offering a “grubby” two-metre sofa to sleep on at $600 a month has caused outrage online.

“Sofa for rent in large living/dining room with very nice views from the balcony,” the ad read offering the spot in an apartment on the Spanish tourist island of Ibiza.

“There are three of us and we need to reduce expenses to feed ourselves and be able to rest.”

The ad stipulated that the residents of the home were looking for “a quiet tenant with a job who does not frequent parties and who has good vibes”.

Expensive 2m sofa for rent in the living room on party island Ibiza, on the Mediterranean Sea.
An ad offering a “grubby” sofa for rent in an Ibiza living room at $600 a month has caused outrage online. Source: CEN/Australscope

The offer was accompanied by a view from the balcony and a photo of the sofa which is less than two metres long, and has been described as “grubby” by viewers on social media.

One of the tenants offering to rent the sofa asked people not to blame them: “There are no cheap rents on the island and in all honesty I think it is sad, but we do not set the prices.”

Living space is at a premium in Ibiza, particularly during the summer months when the island is packed with tourists and seasonal workers.

Expensive 2m sofa for rent in the living room on party island Ibiza, on the Mediterranean Sea.
The sofa rental was offered on the tourist party island of Ibiza. Source: Raquel Maria Carbonell Pagola/LightRocket via Getty Images, file

The situation has been exacerbated by the trend for home owners to advertise their private properties as “tourist accommodation” on online portals such as Airbnb, pushing up rents to astronomical prices.

Rent prices for a single room in a shared flat are often listed in excess of $800 a month in Ibiza, where wages are traditionally very low.

There have been numerous reports of workers forced to share tents, caravans and even balcony floor space.

The advert has since been taken down, although it is unclear whether this was because of the outrage it caused on social media or whether a suitable tenant was secured.