Groomsman pushes bride away, spear tackles groom into pool during the first dance

Krystal Johnson

A bride and groom were enjoying their romantic first dance together before a drunk groomsman shoved the bride and spear tackled the groom into a Thailand pool.

The first dance is the meant to be the most sentimental part of a reception, but for this Newcastle bride her romantic moment was bombarded by a groomsman who had a few too many.

Louise Whyman and Kane Toby got married and were celebrating their wedding reception in Koh Samui, Thailand.

It was meant to be Louise and Kane's first moment together as husband and wife. Photo: Facebook/Louise Whyman

Videographer, Ben Reed, was filming the beautiful moment between the newlyweds on his GoPro when he told Cheyne Batterham, otherwise known as "Horrie", to push the groom into the pool.

"One of the boys had a GoPro and said it would be a good idea to tackle Toby into the water," Horrie told Yahoo7.

Horrie can be seen coming in from the right hand side and shoves the bride out of the way.

He picks the groom up by the waist and runs straight toward the edge of the pool and nose dives straight into the water.

Louise invites Horrit up to the stage with open arms, not knowing what is about to unfold. Photo: Ben Reed
Horrie shoves Louise out of the way and latches onto the groom, dragging him toward the edge. Photo: Ben Reed

Shrieks are heard in the background as the two men go flying through the air and crash into the pool.

The force creates a wave that splashes all over the band's electrical equipment.

The music continues to play and people cheer as the two men gather themselves.

Horrie dragged Kane into the water, causing a massive wave that went all over the band's equipment. Photo: Ben Reed
Eventually the majority of the wedding party joined the two men in the pool and had a few more drinks. Photo: Ben Reed

Horrie told Yahoo7 that he "doesn't remember getting into the pool" and within 30 seconds a large crowd of people jumped into the pool, wedding attire and all.

"Probably 20 or so people jumped in with us and we ended up staying in there for hours and had a few more drinks," he said.

"I definitely had pruney fingers."

When Horrie looked back on the footage he realised he had left Louise standing on the dance floor alone and said he felt terrible about that.

"Louise was one of the coolest brides, she is definitely no bridezilla," Horrie said.

In a very Aussie moment, Horrie told Yahoo7 that his fiance went and got him some footy shorts and they continued to party on through the night.

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