Grim warning as rain lashes every state

A severe storm outbreak will smash the east coast. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard

Stormy, gloomy weather is colouring multiple capital cities grey as a warning is issued that the rain could last into the middle of next month.

It feels like the wet weather will never ease, as showers dampen the early autumn weather in capital cities.

“We’re still seeing plenty of rain rolling across the country and it’s going to continue for the next couple of weeks through to the middle of April,” Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe said on Wednesday.

“At the moment we’re in the midst of a severe storm outbreak in eastern Australia.”

Here’s what the weather is looking like in each state.


Sydney residents have woken up to another gloomy day as more rain brews over the city for the last few days of daylight saving.

A severe thunderstorms is possible in Sydney through the afternoon and evening.

A slightly cooler morning is due to give way to warmer temperatures with a maximum of 28C.

Showers and the chance of a thunderstorm are forecast for Thursday before the clouds clear on Friday with a top of 24C.

The reprieve will be short, however, as showers will return on Saturday and linger for at least four days into the start of April.


Canberrans could cop the brunt of the wet weather system moving through the east coast on Wednesday.

Up to 20mm of rainfall is possible as showers and a potential severe thunderstorm later in the day.

The weather should clear up slightly on Thursday with a chance of fog in the morning and a medium chance of showers through the day.

Sunny skies and a high of 21C is forecast for Friday before the grey and wet returns and lingers into the start of next week.


Thousands will flock to Melbourne in the coming days as the Formula One Australian Grand Prix kicks off on Thursday.

Petrol heads will be watching the skies as they descend on Albert Park for the qualifying race scheduled to go ahead on Saturday afternoon.

Showers are forecast to fall on the outer eastern suburbs and ranges on Wednesday afternoon and will stick around for at least four days.

It’s looking to be a wet start to the weekend, with cloudy skies and a medium chance of showers over the city for Saturday.

The 21-year-old Australian behind the wheel of Maclaren, Oscar Piastri, is sure to be revved up by the home crowd as he takes the track for the third race of the season.

If all goes to plan, the sun will be out over the track on Sunday, with temperatures reaching a high of 20C.


A morning shower is due in Adelaide but should ease as the day progresses.

A top of 21C is forecast for the southern capital on Wednesday.

Showers are forecast until Friday, with the sun due to peak out for three days from Saturday.

Residents will be able to soak up a top of 23C on Sunday and Monday.


Hobart is looking ahead at three days of possible showers to cap the month of March.

A maximum of 22C is forecast for Wednesday.

A short break of sunshine is due for the first day of April, with the temperature expected to reach a high of 18C and not a shower in sight.


Warm and wet conditions are hitting the state of Queensland, with a thunderstorms forecast for the next two days.

The temperature will stick close to 30C in the capital of Brisbane for the next few days.

However, a glimpse of sunny weather will arrive on Friday with only a slight chance of shower in the morning.


A four-day run of blue skies and hot weather is forecast in Darwin, with the mercury soaring to 35C on Friday and Saturday.

Locals should soak up the weekend weather before storms return on Sunday.


Two days of rainy weather is on the horizon for Perth residents starting from Thursday.

One last push of warm weather will hit the western capital on Wednesday though, with temperatures climbing to 28C.

A slight chance of a shower is forecast in the northern suburbs on Wednesday afternoon.