Grieving parents denied entry back into WA after daughter takes her own life

A Western Australian couple, mourning the loss of their daughter who tragically took her own life while living in Sydney, have been dealt another blow after being denied entry back into the west.

Father-of-three Alan told 6PR Mornings his daughter Robin —who suffered from depression—applied for an exemption to re-enter WA in October and November 2021 but was rejected both times.

Robin had been diagnosed with depression and PTSD in 2020 when she was living in NSW and had attempted to take her own life in April 2020.

Tragically, she died on December 1, 2021.

"The inability to travel home and see her family and feeling she did not have the mental support, Robin took her life," the grieving father said.

A photo from Perth airport showing a sign listing restrictions to enter WA.
Alan and his wife still haven't been granted a G2G pass to return back to WA. Source: AAP

Denied G2G pass to go home

Alan said when they received the devastating news, he and his wife flew from Perth to Sydney on December 4 to clear their daughter's apartment and deal with the coroner and her cremation.

Once they had dealt with NSW Police and the coroner’s court, they looked into obtaining a G2G pass to get back to WA but were denied.

“We have been denied entry back to our home, due to the border being closed on December 18, which would have been impossible to get a flight back for, as we only received her ashes and her death certificate on December 16, to allow us to transport her ashes with us back to Perth.

"It's not like we've come to Sydney for a holiday," he continued. "We have come to deal with our daughter's death, which is traumatic enough and we can't even get home and try to start our life with the knowledge that our daughter is no longer with us."

Alan said he had attached all relevant documents — including his daughter's death certificate — but still haven't been granted permission to go home.

"They've just said no," he said. "It's only government employees or politicians that can come, they can fly from Sydney."

NSW classified 'extreme risk'

Alan is begging the WA government to reconsider their application, as he and his wife are desperate to get home.

"I don't know whether they just browse over these things very quickly, without taking time to look at the cases, because I'm sure someone looked at it would have seen all this compassion in here," he said.

"We need to do something."

WA updated NSW to 'extreme risk' last week, locking everyone out except in "extraordinary circumstances".

If permitted entry, travellers must undertake 14 days hotel quarantine at a Government approved quarantine facility at their own expense.

The hard border is due to be lifted on February 5, 2022, when the state hits 90 per cent double vaccinated.

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