Greens congress choose veteran duo to take them to EU elections

The European Green Party on Saturday chose two of its most well-known EU lawmakers to take them to the European Parliament elections in June.

German MEP Terry Reintke and Dutch MEP Bas Eickhout were both backed by Green party congress delegates in Lyon — getting 55 percent and 57 percent of the votes, respectively.

The choice is a safe one - both Eickhout and Reintke are senior figures in the Greens' group in the European Parliament.

Speaking to Euronews, Eickhout said Europe had fallen behind the likes of the US and China when it came to green innovation.

"China is doing very clear industrial policies. Look at how they deal with the electric car. America, United States investing a lot of money in green innovation. So the green race is on. And Europe was at the forefront," he said. "If you want a future where you have a future job then you need the Green Deal."

Eickhout spearheaded the group's efforts on the Green Deal legislative package. Reintke, for her part, has been particularly active on issues like the rule of law in Poland and Hungary, as well as the protection of minority rights and gender equality. Reintke became the political group’s co-leader in 2022.

The Greens have been extremely vocal on their desire to strengthen the EU's Green Deal to combat climate change. The deal pledges net zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.

Reintke, 36, is running for her third term in office, while Eickhout, 47, is hoping for his fourth.