Greene on Speaker Johnson’s call for decorum: ‘Depends on what the president has to say’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) responded to Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) call for decorum during the State of the Union by saying it would depend on President Biden’s remarks.

“People have asked me a lot about decorum,” Greene said Thursday outside the Capitol. “And my answer back is … the House of Representatives, Congress as a whole and even the White House has broken decorum a long time ago. The American people are $34 trillion in debt, and the Biden administration’s open-border policies with over 10 million illegal aliens, 2 million got-aways and innocent Americans like Laken Riley being murdered that broke [decorum].”

She continued, “So it depends on what the president has to say tonight. We’ll see what I think and feel at the time.”

Johnson had called for decorum during a closed-door GOP conference meeting Wednesday, multiple members present told The Hill.

Greene was among the GOP lawmakers who heckled the president during last year’s speech. Greene called him a “liar” while he discussed potential cuts for Social Security and Medicare as part of the deal on the debt limit, and calls of “secure the border” could be heard in the chamber.

Greene on Thursday also said Biden should “apologize” to the country for his administration’s southern border policies, which she says caused Riley’s death.

Riley, a University of Georgia nursing student, was found slain last month. Jose Ibarra, a 26-year-old Venezuelan citizen who authorities said had entered the country illegally, was charged with murder in Riley’s death.

“I think he needs to apologize to America because it’s his open border policies that caused her murder, and honestly have caused many Americans to die,” Greene said.

“Laken Riley is the state of our union.”

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