Greene recalls ‘deafening’ boos as she moved to oust Johnson

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) reflected on the response to her effort to oust Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) earlier this week, recalling “deafening” boos.

“It was deafening,” Greene said on former White House aide Steve Bannon’s “War Room” show Friday. “Imagine walking into an arena where everyone hates you in that moment.”

The Georgia Republican called her motion to vacate resolution to the floor as privileged Wednesday, after weeks of threats, but it was overwhelmingly shot down via a bipartisan vote on a motion to table it.

Greene said the negative response was almost immediate, claiming it was hard to hear over the booing.

“So, as soon as I stood and I started reading the resolution, the boos started. And it may not have sounded that loud on the audio because the microphone was here for me,” she told Bannon, gesturing toward the upper half of her body. “And that’s what was picking up their boos, so I am the loudest voice here.”

“But inside that room,” she continued, “the boos were deafening. I mean, absolutely, deafening. That was all I could hear.”

During a period of flirting with the possibility of forcing a vote, the lawmaker said last month on the same podcast that she didn’t care if the Speaker’s office became a “revolving door.” At the time, she said she wants “an ‘America First’ economy” and that “we are going to demand it from our Republican leaders.”

Her remarks came six months after the House removed former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from the leadership position in a historic vote.

Greene, in her motion, slammed Johnson for his decisions related to a government funding bill, a measure to reauthorize the U.S.’s warrantless surveillance powers and, most recently, a foreign aid package that included billions of dollars in aid for Ukraine.

The lower chamber voted 359-43-7 Wednesday to table the motion to vacate, preventing the removal resolution from hitting the floor for a vote.

After Democrats helped to shield Johnson, Greene said the boos were evidence of the “uni-party” of Democrats and Republicans that she has criticized.

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