Greater gliders spotted in trees marked for removal by Victorian authorities

Activists have shared a video to social media, calling on the Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek to intervene and protect the trees. Source: Warburton Environment/WOTCH INC

Video transcript

- Imagine just going about your everyday life completely unaware that any day now, your entire home could be destroyed with you in it. This is the devastating reality for these greater gliders. This pink marking on their nest trees is the mark of death. It indicates that any day now, forest fire management will come through with their big machines and cut these ancient trees down.

Over the last few weeks, watch surveyors have found and recorded many greater gliders living in and around these trees marked for removal, even within the Yarra Ranges National Park, where they are supposed to be protected. Some of these trees are hundreds of years old and are home to many Native species, including the threatened greater glider.

The destructive works of forest fire management has no regulation, no oversight. And these trees do not need to go. Right now, the machines are just around the corner from some of these giants, and destruction is imminent. We need your help to urge Tanya Plibersek and Steve Demopoulos to step in and stop this now. These ancient trees and these greater gliders do not need to die.