Grant Shapps clashes with Kay Burley over Mark Menzies sleaze scandal: ‘Do you think it is funny?’

Grant Shapps clashed with Sky News host Sky Burley as he was quizzed over the latest sleaze scandal to hit the Conservatives.

Mark Menzies is the latest Tory MP to have his whip suspended.

Mr Menzies is alleged to have used thousands of pounds given by donors to fund medical expenses and to have made a late-night call to a 78-year-old aide asking for help because he had been locked up by “bad people” demanding money for his release.

Ms Burley asked Mr Shapps on Thursday (18 April): “Eight independent MPs, former Tories... what’s that saying about your party and the state of British politics?”

Mr Shapps appeared to smirk and replied: “I thought I was on to talk about two wars.

“Do you think it’s funny?”, Ms Burley asked.