Grand Teton visitor seriously injured in grizzly bear attack

A visitor to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming was “seriously injured” in a bear attack Sunday afternoon, according to the National Park Service (NPS).

The 35-year-old man from Massachusetts was near the road that leads to the summit of Signal Mountain, according to a press release.

“Grand Teton National Park rangers and Teton County Search and Rescue personnel responded to the scene to provide emergency medical care and air lifted the patient via helicopter to an awaiting ambulance where he was transported to St. John’s Hospital. The patient is in stable condition and is expected to fully recover,” the Monday press release from NPS said.

“Based on initial reports from the injured visitor and preliminary information conducted as part of an ongoing investigation of the site, law enforcement rangers and park biologists believe the incident was a surprise encounter with two grizzly bears, with one of the bears contacting and injuring the visitor,” the release continues.

The release also noted actions that visitors can take to avoid confrontations between bears and humans, including securing food and “keeping a clean camp.”

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