Grace Tame's brutal shot at Scott Morrison: 'Triumph over corruption'

The Aussie activist who gave her infamous side-eye to Scott Morrison has given a smiling endorsement to Australia’s 31st Prime Minister.

Grace Tame took to social media last night to send a beaming congratulations to Anthony Albanese who defeated Mr Morrison to take the country’s top job.

“A grateful nation is crying with you,” she wrote before adding, “and who said I didn’t smile at the prime minister?”

The former Australian of the Year was happy to see the end of the Morrison government. Source: Instagram
The former Australian of the Year was happy to see the end of the Morrison government. Source: Instagram

“Here’s to inclusion, integrity, diversity, truth, equity, respect, safety and change. A better future. For all of us. For the planet.”

“Congratulations to Anthony Albanese, and to the people of Australia - for a triumph over corruption and abuse. A triumph of hope. Today was a victory for us all.”

The infamous side-eye at Scott Morrison

Ms Tame, who is a sexual assault survivor and fierce advocate for others, became a viral sensation earlier this year when she refused to smile during a photo opportunity with the then Prime Minister.

The icy image of the 2021 Australian of the Year and Mr Morrison at The Lodge in Canberra made headlines across the country in January.

Scott Morrison and Grace Tame
The photo of Grace Tame refusing to smile for a photo with Scott Morrison became a viral sensation. Source: AAP

While she quickly became an internet meme, many praised the 27-year-old for her courage.

“Women do not have to smile for the camera beside men we do not like,” author and activist Sally Rugg wrote on Twitter.

In the days before the federal election, Ms Tame accused Mr Morrison of using his government powers to silence her after she refused to smile in the photo.

“The problem is Scott Morrison, his entitlement, ‘I'm the Prime Minister and she should smile at me because I’m the Prime Minister’,” she told Betoota Advocate’s podcast.

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